The Grupa Azoty Police titanium dioxide installation has belonged to the least environmentally noxious ones in Europe since its establishing. Due to its location, dumping of waste post-hydrolytic acid or copperas to the surrounding waters – as it was practised within the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea basins – was unacceptable.

The post-hydrolytic acid has been until now used for obtaining of phosphoric acid used further for production of phosphoric fertilizers, while in the last decade copperas has been handled to adequately prepared storage yards, and it has been fully used for production of coagulants for sewage and waste treatment.

The Company launched unique in Poland plant for drying the iron II sulphate, which is a byproduct formed during the production of titanium dioxide. In the cement industry it is used as the reducing agent of hexavalent chromium, which has vesicant properties and may cause allergies.

Due to the above, we have directed the fundamental pro-environmental actions within the titanium dioxide production area to the investments related to reduction of noxious gas emissions, we have e.g. activated installations for purification of post-calcination and post-digestion gases. This has allowed us for adaptation of both the installations and the product to the rigorous EU requirements.


Iron(II) sulphate as an intermediate manufactured during the production of TiO2

Generally, titanium dioxide is white, but has a slightly yellowish color due to the absorption of the visible light portion of the particles corresponding to the blue color.

Iron sulphate – respected intermediate product used in the chemical industry

For many years, ferrous sulfate is used for production coagulants and wastewater treatment. It is also used for the production of iron pigments. In the cement industry is used as the reducing agent of hexavalent [...]